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Where else can you get Olympians and World Champions as your very own personal coaches? Our remote plans offer you just that! With our remote tailored plans, you have every session specifically programmed to suit your goals and lifestyle, complete with individual speed and rate targets. You can view your programme up to two weeks in advance, upload photos for easy session logs, contact your coach 24/7 through a built-in messaging service, upload video for technical analysis and receive regular session feedback rather than the usual weekly or monthly reports typically offered with these deals.

You can choose to either pay monthly or annually and save 10%.

Clear display makes viewing your sessions for the week  quick and simple.

Easy to follow session plans complete with target speeds, stroke rates and rest time. You can also see all past workouts at the click of a button.

Built in messaging service to keep in contact with your personal coach.

With Olympians and World Championships supporting you and holding you accountable, your own tailored training plan and easy session logs we guarantee you’ll get results.