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Six weeks, three sessions each week, designed to get you back into the training season after a well earned holiday. You'll start simple and finish with the standard session distances feeling fit and confident to push your scores on. 

The program includes the following:


- 6 weeks of programming, 3 workouts per week
- Weekly brief so you know the week's focus
- Speed guides to make sure you pace the workouts correctly
- Email support if you have any questions during the plan


This program is structured progressively so over the course of the 6 weeks you'll feel confident covering longer durations, controlling stroke rate and pushing the speeds. The program is designed to balance the training stimulus against fatigue and recovery for individuals who are new to the sport or short on time. More experienced athletes have the freedom to add supplementary sessions alongside the program should the need arise.

Equipment Requirements.


Keep it simple, all you need is:


- Rowing machine
- Discipline 


*Please make sure your benchmark tests are up to date in settings to get a more accurate split target for sessions*


Suggested pre Base Fitness plans:
Starter plan.


Suggested post Base Fitness plans:
Rate plan, 30min, 5k, 2k, 1k, 500m.

The Six Week Base Fitness Plan

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