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At RowElite, we're dedicated to helping athletes from around the world achieve their full potential in rowing and in life. Led by Olympic athlete Matthew Tarrant, our world-class coaching programs are designed to provide personalized training that inspires our clients to become the best versions of themselves. We've helped thousands of athletes from around the world achieve their goals, and we're committed to helping you reach yours.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you take your rowing and your life to the next level.



"Matt & RowElite have supported me both professionally and personally over the past few years. Professionally aiding the launch of London’s first digitally lead rowing studio, The Engine Room. He has consulted on training the trainers, program design, customer journey and been at hand for anything else. Personally he has supported and coached me through my indoor rowing career to date, when I started out I wanted to understand what it required to become an above average rower and Matt has helped take me so much further. After the initial few months of coaching I decided I’d like to try a ‘real-life,’ competition and travelled over to Ireland for their National Championships,  where I came a respectable 4th and got the bug for real racing! Over the last 3 years Matt & Row Elite have helped me go onto multiple medals and online competition wins, so far this year I’ve won Gold in 2x virtual 1,000m’s at the Virtual Irish Indoor National Championships, and a Silver in the 500m. I’ve also won the online international RowBattles competition spanning 6 weeks in the Summer this year. Matt also supported preparations for my charity rowing event in March where by i rowed x15 half marathons over 15 days and raised over £5,000 for NHS Hero’s. Last season RowElite helped prepare me for the British Rowing Indoor Championships (BRIC), the Irish Indoor Rowing Championships and the World Championships in Paris. I cannot recommend Matt & RowElite highly enough. It’s good to know that your coach is at ‘blackbelt’ level and has the experience to deal with anything that arises and you can be rest assured that your in safe hands. Trust the process with RowElite, work hard and the results will come!"

Chris Heron



"Matt is a fantastic coach, he is supportive, encouraging and understanding when it comes to training. There is no better role model for the sport than a coach at the top of his game. He leads by example which I have upmost respect for. On those inevitable 'hard training days' the RowElite crew is a group of like minded kind individuals from all around the world who support each other and makes the erg not such a lonely sport."

Mollie Darwin



"Having always enjoyed the pain and test of rowing 2k in the gym I’d always wanted to improve as much as I could with a view to competing in the British Indoor Championships and also wanted to own my own Concept2.  Lockdown 1.0 in the UK afforded me the perfect excuse to talking about it and to buy one!  I did some research for training indoor rowing training programmes asked a few questions of various companies and decided to go with RowElite.  I found Matt Tarrant from RowElite very helpful and answered my MANY questions even before I’d purchased a programme.  I initially started on the 4 week complementary programme  and was immediately hooked!!  The programme was engaging and had me coming back for more and couldn’t wait to do the next session in a structured programme.  Having completed the 4 week programme I sought advice from Matt as to which programme I should purchase next.  Keen to jump straight into the 6 week 2k programme Matt took the time to explain to me why I should do the 6 week Base Plan first!  So having completed the RowElite 4 week programme what improvement had I made??  My 2k had gone from 7:20 to 6:56 in 4 weeks!!  I’m now coming towards the end of the 6 week Base Plan and will be shortly starting on the 6 week 2k Plan and I can’t wait!!  Oh and I’ve just done a 500m test and improved from 1:29.3 to 1:26.8, a 2.5 second PB...... 2k test coming soon!

Would I recommend RowElite?  HELL YES! Matt is very helpful, supportive and knowledgeable.  And the rest of the “crew” in the private members Facebook group are a great bunch, very supportive and with great banter!"

Tynan Scope



"One to one coaching. It's great, both in terms of advice and motivation. Getting guidance from a World Champion is quite a privilege!"

Milan Elezovic



"Excellent plan which took into account my needs as an athlete throughout. Adapted to fit around my other training as well as a few injuries I have. Matthew has a way of getting the best out of you with well-executed planning and very informative feedback.  Highly recommend!"

Shane Riley



"Since signing up for RowElite Senior Plan 2 years ago, I have surpassed all my previous expectations and goals. The training plans are challenging, yet realistic, professionally delivered and fully supported. I know train as part of a totally supportive virtual crew, holding me to account with support and plenty of humour."

Andy Cotten



Dave Williams

"I have been on the RowElite subscription plan for about 4 months now and I could not be happier with the service I have received. It has provided me with structured and real quality training sessions which have lead to big improvements and personal bests in the 2000m, 5000m and 30:00 so far, with many more to follow I have no doubt. On top of this the online community you become a part of is the most supportive, helpful and welcoming I have ever come across."



"I started on the Erg in February 2019, and I came across RowElite shortly after. The social side of the crew is brilliant, with an active Facebook group and a number of friendly members who are more than happy to give advice and support you on your journey.  I have no doubt that I got bitten by the rowing bug from their infectious enthusiasm. December that year I was getting a PB at the British Rowing Indoor Championships. Testament to the 2k plan written by Matthew Tarrant.  I also use the Senior rower subscription plan, and after an extended absence from the machine this year, I shall be downloading the Base plan to get my fitness back to where it should be. Whether you're an experienced rower or a complete novice like myself, I can't recommend RowElite enough!"

Dave Scott-Hepburn



"I have been a member of the Indoor Crew group on Facebook for around 9 months and have found the team to be hugely supportive. I have asked questions about indoor rowing tactics & training methods and have always been given constructive and informative advice and tips from a team full of passionate rowers. Great community feel and love being part of it."

Chris Power


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